INVESTIGATORS at the scene of an alleged attempted murder feared an absent pet cat could interrupt their work, a court heard.

Former Mayor of Winchester David McLean,72, is currently on trial at Winchester Crown Court charged with the attempted murder of his mother Margaret McLean, 92, at her home in Waltham Chase, near Bishop's Waltham.

The fourth day of the trial heard evidence from a detective sergeant and the crime scene investigator. 

DS Jenna Osman told the court that she arrived at 1.20am on October 7 2022. She said: “We were called as this was a suspicious death.”

DS Osman added that there were some concerns that Mrs McLean's missing cat could disturb the evidence.

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She said: “Animals can disrupt evidence at the scene. We were waiting for the cat to come home. It then returned and we placed it in a back bedroom.”

Crime scene investigator Kim Summersgill told the court that a pillow was seized. The jury was shown various photos around Mrs McLean's living room, where she slept, in Chase Grove. 

Sarah Jones KC, defending, said: “You seized a pillow which was believed to have been used in the offence. Someone told you it was believed a pillow was used.”

Ms Summersgill replied: “Yes, that's correct.” Ms Jones said: “Were you given any other information?” The CSI said: “No, I was told by the attending officers.”

She added: “The 111 call concerned the police and they said a pillow had been used in the offence.”

McLean denies the charge. The trial continues.