With the year slipping through our fingers, summer is soon approaching. And with summer comes weeks and weeks of school holidays, filled with days that you don’t know what to do with. Here are some fun suggestions, which will hopefully give you and your family ideas of things to do. 

First off - Artypotz. You can never go wrong with a coffee and some arts and crafts! Artypotz is a pottery café in Southsea, where you can fill a two-hour slot with ceramic-painting fun, with beverages offered for an additional price. You are able to paint as many ornaments and cutlery items as you desire (within reason!), with any colour or pattern! Prices for each ceramic piece ranges from £10 upwards, depending on which item you select, so is flexible to fit in with your budget. Once decorated, the items are fired in the kiln, and after a week or two’s wait, you can collect your creations. They are of good quality, and serve as an excellent memento from a fun time. Almost 15 years on, I still have a ceramic cat of which I decorated in a pottery café on holiday somewhere, and it still reminds me of happy childhood days. 

Secondly - Flip Out. Now, this is a more costly activity, about £13 for kids over five for one hour, but personally I think it’s worth every penny. You get access to an impressive trampoline park, with foam pits and soft obstacles to climb and jump off of. I think it’s a brilliant place for kids to let out some of their energy whilst also being lots of fun. 

Now, the most expensive of the lot - the Historic Dockyard; adult tickets costing £36 each, and children £26. However, it is a brilliant opportunity to discover more about our local area and its very interesting war history. Typically during school holidays, the Dockyard runs additional exhibits, to further spark your interest - at the moment, there is a 4D immersive sea life experience. Again, whilst at the more top end of one's budget, it is still a brilliant and educational day out. 

On the topic of sea life, costing £14.35 for those 13+, and £11.10 for any under that age range, at Blue Reef Aquarium, you can admire and learn more about underwater creatures; species like stingrays, seahorses and axolotls are on display there, alongside many other variants of fish. It is a captivating and fascinating experience, which allows you to become more aware of the world beneath you and its beauty. 

Finally, the amusement park - Clarence Pier. There are a variety of attractions, accommodating all age groups, from toddler appropriate tea cups, to more thrill-seeking, daring roller coasters for teens. Each ride costs around 3-5 tokens, a bag of 50 costing around £25. Alternatively, you could purchase a wristband worth £30, which grants you access to unlimited rides from 12pm until 5pm. Located right by the sea, you are blessed with a light breeze, making your time much more enjoyable - amusement parks in the blazing summer heat are my idea of hell. That way, you can also fit in a paddle before you go home. 

The brilliance of all these locations are that they are located near some excellent eateries, to fill those empty tummies after hours of fun. 

These are just a few simple ideas to spread some smiles during the approaching school holidays. 

  • This article was written by Sophie Escott, from Peter Symonds College, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporter Scheme.