One of Peter Symond's most popular A-Levels is history. One of the amazing things about the Peter Symonds A-Level history course is the vast range in the contents of the course. 

Unlike most colleges, Peter Symonds offers three separate history routes which students can take. This ensures that all students can find a course which tailors to the specific needs in their interests. Route A consists of a study in the Crusades, Angevin Empire and the Wars of the Roses. Route B contains Stuart Britain, French Revolution, and a study of Germany. Finally, Route C is the USSR, Mao’s China and the Wars of the Roses. All three routes can do the Cold War, Tudor Rebellions or the Abolition of the Slave Trade for course work. Such a range of courses make sure that the A-Level is inclusive to all students. 

In class students are encouraged to debate, present, and undertake group work. The course's nature allows students to explore sources and interpretations regarding their historical periods allowing them to gain insight into other times. 

The History department also gets guest specialist speakers in, to allow students to learn more about their studies in a depth and academic way. Furthermore, this March Lower Sixth students went to the Royal London University of Holloway and went on a study day where a series of lectures were presented which allowed students to explore many aspects of history and gain an insight into studying history at university.

History is so vast, as it doesn’t just include dates and times of past events but rather the implications on a country's social, economic and political events and how it has shaped the current world we are in. Hence why it is such a key A-Level. 

History is useful for most careers involving analysis, observations and arguments and can open the doorway to some fantastic degrees. 

There is no doubt history is a very challenging but rewarding A-Level, and the way in which Peter Symonds conducts it ensures that all students embark on a satisfactory course for them.

  • This article was written by Clara Dale-Smith, from Peter Symonds College, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporter.