WINCHESTER Cathedral's resident peregrine falcon has eaten her final eggs.

Viewers of the peregrine cameras on the cathedral website watched this morning, Tuesday, April 30, as Mel ate her final two eggs.

Hampshire Chronicle: Mel eating her eggMel eating her egg (Image: Julie Maker/Winchester Cathedral web cam)

This came after they fell off the tray and were replaced yesterday, Monday, April 29.

Speaking to the Hampshire Chronicle, Keith Betton, chair of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, said it was unlikely that she would lay more eggs this year.

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He said: "During the night, but probably early morning this morning, one of the eggs she was seen eating, and she then ate the second egg - although interestingly she is sitting on the tray at the moment.

"It is a very clear sign of one of two things. She is either very distressed, and this is what they do sometimes when they are distressed, they make the decision to eat the nutrients in the egg rather than lose it.

"Or, what they sometimes do is decide 'I don't need all these eggs, I only need a couple', so they eat a couple to leave them with a couple. But if she's eaten them all, that's very strange. I don't think she's going to lay any more now, she's beyond the point where laying eggs is likely to be successful."

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He continued: "If she really has eaten both eggs, then I think it's game over this year and it's a real sad case. We're pretty sure she is a young female, only two or three years old, probably never nested before and she's probably going through a lot of learning experiences in this first attempt.

"Maybe over time she will build up knowledge and understanding and become a more successful parent."

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