Loganair has announced it is cutting flights between Southampton and Glasgow to "stabilise and bring resilience" to its network.

The regional airline has announced several adjustments to its routes with the changes set to be implemented in early May. 

As of May 10, the airline will no longer fly between Glasgow and Southampton. 

It will also not fly from Aberdeen to Newcastle or Teeside. 

Loganair says it has "listened carefully" to its customers and crew, and under the new leadership team is acting "with purpose to address the concerns that have been raised for a considerable time".

The company says the changes will result in the stabilisation of its daily flying programme and reduce disruption due to less delayed and cancelled flights. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Loganair CEO Luke FarajallahLoganair CEO Luke Farajallah (Image: Loganair)

Luke Farajallah, CEO, Loganair, said: “Since my first day as CEO of Loganair last month, I have been listening carefully to feedback from our loyal customers and hard-working crew, and I want to personally apologise to everyone who has been impacted by the unacceptable levels of disruption that have been experienced for over 18-months whilst the airline has been undertaking a re-fleeting programme.

“We appreciate the changes we are announcing today may impact some customers whose bookings may need to change.

"While we apologise to customers affected, this decision is one that has been made for the greater good of the vast majority of customers who must be able to book and fly with confidence, especially from some of the most remote parts of the UK.

“Loganair is the UK’s largest regional airline, and we are getting back to the basic principles that have made us successful for over six decades.

"We are relentlessly focused on confidently serving our core markets and core customers, who must be able to book with certainty, and experience a stable and resilient flying programme.

"This is especially true for the Highlands and Islands communities who rely on Loganair for being so much more than an airline serving a leisure market. 

"We have been falling short of the service levels expected of us by our loyal customers and amazing crew for over 18 months, and today we are making changes that once fully delivered throughout the summer will help restore the image and reputation we have fought so hard to generate over so many years as the trusted airline partner in our unique market.

“Our entire team and board of Directors is behind us in making these decisions, and we are all excited about the prospect of getting back to our core set of principles in our heartlands – and we intend to defend and grow our presence in these markets through the demonstration that we can and will deliver consistent operational stability and excellence”.

Several other routes will see minor adjustments to frequency, in varying stages, until the end of the summer schedule on October 26.