Lymington; a small seaside town nestled into the coastline of Hampshire, filled with quirky shops and a boating community, renowned for its historical cobbled streets and charming elderly population. Highly popular with tourists and bird watchers alike, it appears to be the perfect, humble holiday location. Adorned with charming coffee shops such as the cosy and compact Lounges and high quality restaurants such as the renowned Rivaaz (specialising in Indian cuisine). Although the food options are widely ranging from Italian to Thai, the pricings are high, averaging at over £15 per meal. This is true for the rest of Lymington, as it’s the sixth most expensive town in Hampshire, and holidaying there will reflect this. Despite the high pricing, there are over 900 places able to be rented out for any relaxing vacation plus Air B&Bs such as Highfield Bed and Breakfast galore, so there is a high range of places to stay, location and price wise in this picturesque seaside town.

Additionally, there is plenty of entertainment to be had here in Lymington, with the Sea Water Baths (existent since 1988) open in the months of May to early September. The famous Sea Water baths; a waterborne assault course which is highly popular during the summer months with people of all ages. Furthermore, this hugely historical town reflects this in their museum; St Barbe’s museum and art gallery which opened in 1999 and has been renown ever since. For a more easygoing holiday experience, you can always take a stroll down to the Sea Wall for a relaxing walk or birdwatching as a myriad of species reside there. For any holiday shopping, the Lymington Market, open on a Saturday, strategically placed in the centre of town, is the ideal place. Sophie Escott, 17, stated that it's “eclectic”, even going so far to say, “what more could you want?” 

To summarise, whilst expensive, Lymington is an interesting, historical and beautiful town - definitely worth a visit this summer!