YouTube star Daryl Reader and comedy laureate James Horscroft have penned a fresh Biscuit Barrel sketch show for the TikTok generation.

Tailoring classical sketch styles to a brisker pace, they aim to show that live comedy can match its digital equivalent's speed.

Since the University of Winchester days, Biscuit Barrel's ticket sales soared in 2023 to more than 2,300, with an expected increase for this year’s performance.

Taking up to 85 sketches, an informative Q&A session for budding creatives and students will be offered to discuss festival participation. Biscuit Barrel was founded in late 2016 at the university; James Horscroft, the producer, said, "Winchester had no Russell group-style revue, so I just made my own".

The initial funding for their first Edinburgh show was sourced in-part from Horscroft’s retail wages, marking the humble beginnings to their box office success. A decade after starting his YouTube channel, Reader, with over 500,000 followers, naturally drew inspiration from online platforms.

He and Horscroft were part of the Winchester Performing Arts society when they met. Notable contributor and songwriter Capriella Monique, 'Fringe Act of the Year' 2023 semi-finalist, as well as skilled comedians Lily Maryon and Harry Brown joined in 2023.

Holly Meechan directs their latest show, Biscuit Barrel: The 69-Sketch Show (Extended Edition), taking place at the Theatre Royal Winchester on September 25 at 7.30pm.