The University of Winchester students are playing a pivotal role in this year’s Winchester Books Festival, taking up duties behind the scenes and helping to run events.

With the university as the main sponsor, a team of 16 students from the Film and Media as well as the Music, Sound Production and Event Management programmes will be immersed in the festival's operations.

Shira Pinczuk, head of the University’s School of Media and Film, said: "The Winchester Books Festival has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to work with clients and develop their links with the community while enjoying contact with academics, high-profile writers and illustrators."

They'll record interviews with authors, film panel discussions, workshops and talks at various city venues. One such student is Adeliia Niemchunova from Ukraine, a student of Media, Communications and Advertising, tasked with managing the festival’s social media campaign. Adeliia said: "I have had the pleasure of working as a social media manager for Winchester Books Festival, contributing to event management as well. It's been a wonderful experience, working with a fantastic team. 

"I boosted engagement, created content, built community, raised brand awareness, analysed data, collaborated with authors, sponsors, and bloggers, and kept learning.  

"I think books festivals are important for celebrating literature, creating a community among readers and writers."

The festival and students mutually gain - the former acquires an enthusiastic helping hand with technical knowledge, while the latter obtains vital working experience.

The University will host quite a few events on April 19.

A notable spotlight is a crime-themed Whodunnit, a follow-up to the stellar murder mystery organised by the University's Faculty of Law, Crime and Justice in October for Justice Week at Winchester Cathedral.

Natacha Harding, the Head of the Department of Policing, Criminology and Forensics, will uphold her reputation as a spinster of intriguing tales, creating yet another mystery for the public to decipher.

This time, the story revolves around a podcasting victim visiting the University to promote her latest series.

The audience will engage in the thrill of the chase – from surveillance of the crime scene to pursuit in court.

For more details on the book festival, visit the Winchester Books Festival website.