A TALENTED art student is taking her work for sale out onto the streets.

Emma Bridgman, 20, has been selling her artwork at the Romsey Sunday market since she was 15.

She started there following in her mum's footsteps, a crotchet artist, who has been doing them for many years.

Emma, from Awbridge, now sells alongside her mum’s business ‘Hilltop Barn’ at South Central Makers market that operates in and around the Romsey and Winchester area.

The markets also provide customers with a directory of small business makers to buy from on their respective online websites. Their goal is to promote local and sustainable shopping creating thriving small businesses.

Emma's style was borne out of workshops she did with popular artist Jake Winkle.

Her water colour paintings are made first by tracing an animal from a reference picture. She then transfers this onto water colour paper that has been stretched to avoid the paper becoming misshapen. Lastly, in several stages she completes the water colour painting of the animals. This whole process usually takes  around two hours.

Emma, an art student in Reading, does not sell her original paintings, but makes prints in the form of canvases, cards and magnets. She also offers personal commissions.

Emma has also sold her art at other markets including East Tytherley, Stockbridge, Alresford and Wilton. To see more of her work you can follow her on Instagram @emmabwatercolour.

Emma said about the market: “It’s a nice way to earn some money and sell your own work and you can meet some really lovely people.

"Sometimes I even get asked for commissions because of the market and customers will send me photos of them putting them up in their houses which is really nice to see”.