RESIDENTS of a Hampshire village are up in arms over a planned electricity outage which would leave them unable to power flood pumps.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has told Broughton residents that there will be a planned power cut on Tuesday, April 23 while work is undertaken to cut down tree branches affecting power lines.

However, villagers are concerned that this could leave their homes open to groundwater flooding, as they will be left without power from 8.30am to 4.30pm, and unable to use pumps to combat rising water levels.

Hampshire Chronicle: BroughtonBroughton (Image: Google Maps)

One of the concerned residents, Yinnon Ezra, is calling for the work to be postponed.

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He told the Advertiser: “If the electricity goes off for nearly a day this will seriously affect a number of homes who are currently using pumps to ensure they do not flood. The area is subject to Environment Agency Flood warnings as we have had the highest rainfall since records began with ground water flooding occurring all along the course of the Wallop Brook.

Hampshire Chronicle: Map showing areas at risk of groundwater flooding in BroughtonMap showing areas at risk of groundwater flooding in Broughton (Image: Environment Agency)

“The consequences of this for those depending on pumps given all the rain could be catastrophic.”

Cllr James Hodgson, chair of Broughton Parish Council, said “We are concerned about property flooding as the rain hasn’t stopped, and it is a case of the people with the pumps; are they just keeping on top of it, or do they have a bit in reserve?

“Certainly, the water levels are very high for a number of people, and if the power is going to be off for any length of time it is going to increase the risk of their properties flooding.”

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An SSEN spokesperson said: “Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will be carrying out essentials work in Broughton on Tuesday 23 April and to safely enable these works a Planned Supply Interruption (PSI) will be in operation.

“In order to give local residents and businesses adequate time to prepare for this temporary interruption to power supplies - or to source generators to provide them with power during the PSI - SSEN notified all of them on 12 March 2024, six weeks in advance of the works.

“Additionally, Southern Water, the Environment Agency and Broughton Village Hall were all contacted directly to ensure they had no concerns over the PSI.

“SSEN will work as quickly and safely as possible to carry out the essential works on 23 April and reassures customers that supplies will be restored at the earliest opportunity.”