Acclaimed comedian, Ashley Blaker, will perform his new stand-up show 'Normal Shmormal' at Theatre Royal Winchester on April 21.

The show is based on his best-selling book, which provides a humorous and compassionate look at parenting children with special needs.

Blaker navigates through the family’s countless therapists, numerous meetings, public humiliation, failed playdates and occasional violence with a light-hearted approach.

His performance gives audiences an understanding of how Blaker’s household challenges the idea of ‘normal’.

Apart from his stand-up, the comedian has built an impressive resume in television and radio, with credits that include '6.5 Children' for BBC Radio 4, 'Little Britain' for Radio 4, 'V Graham Norton' on Channel 4 and 'The Joan Rivers Position' on Channel 5.

He has previously sold out in London, off Broadway, and the Edinburgh Festival.

Mr. Blaker has also toured the UK and the world.

The 'Normal Shmormal' show at Theatre Royal Winchester will begin at 7.30pm and is recommended for those aged 16 and over.

For more information or to book tickets, visit or call 01962 840 440.