SCHOOL pupils put on an exclusive premiere for their new promotional film 'Into the Woods.’

Perins School Theatre held the event at Winchester Science Centre’s Planetarium on Monday, March 25, allowing the audience to enjoy an incredible evening immersed under the stars.

To open the night, the cast delivered a variety of numbers from the show involving singing, acting, and dancing. The talent of the students was astonishing, with those performing being as young as eleven years old, producing a showcase at West End level.

With family, friends and even ex-pupils spectating, the atmosphere was buzzing.

Parent Ashley Turberfield said: “There have been some great teasers and brilliant voices here tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing the real thing on stage with costumes, it’s going to be very exciting.”

Hampshire Chronicle: The Into the Woods cast

Following a flawless introduction, the audience were then welcomed into the unique cinematic space. As if in a new world entirely, the planetarium was the perfect setting for the film’s release. With the audience utterly breath taken, it was time for the grand reveal.

From the soundtrack to the cinematography, the promotional video was impeccable.

Thanks to Pageant Productions, it was of the highest quality.

Team leader of music at Perins, Tori Eglin, said: “It was fantastic and professional, they’re wonderful to work with and they’re amazing with the kids. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to help us.”

The students, having worked so hard during filming, expressed their enthusiasm towards the final product.

Millie W, who plays Cinderella, said: “It was amazing to see myself on the big screen, I felt like a celebrity, everyone did so well, and it was so impressive to watch.”

The positive response from the audience was equally explicit as the children were met with a sea of applause at the end of the film.

Head of creative arts, Marilitsa Alexiou, said: “We strive to give our students the most professional experience so being a part of a Perins production involves going that extra mile. Once you’ve been part of one of our productions or have seen one, it’s contagious- you want more of that magic.”

This ethos is evidently key to producing such high standard performances, with the school having also revealed that their previous production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was just nominated for this year’s NODA Best Youth Production Award.

Mark Nevola, head of school, added: “It’s nice to see so many ex-pupils coming back to inspire the youngsters for the future. Our school motto of ‘Aspire today, Inspire tomorrow’ is perpetuated through the Perins alumni.”

The promotional video is accessible through the Perins School Youtube account, with tickets released at for Thursday, July 18, Friday, July 19 and Sunday, July 21. 

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  • This article was written by  Helena Risebury, from Peter Symonds College, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporter Scheme.