So we now have a date forecast for the closure of Andover Road of early 2026 in favour of all the main road traffic entering Winchester from the north passing through the Kings Barton housing estate (Chronicle, March 28). 

Having listened to the recorded stream of the Kings Barton Forum, it seems that all our local councillors are either in favour of it or seem to accept it as a done deal, whereas the Residents Association of Kings Barton itself holds the opposite view. 

The politicians certainly didn’t query it when given the opportunity in the forum.

I have recently been canvassed on the doorstep by someone promoting their party for the May elections and I challenged them on the finality of this proposed closure. At first they said there was nothing councillors could about it, but then went on to support the closure wholeheartedly, suggesting, ludicrously, that having two roads instead of one will ‘create more traffic’. There will be some more traffic obviously, being that of the Kings Barton residents themselves, but councillors need to adjust their misguided understanding of what is a main road and what is a road through a residential estate which, like others, feeds onto that main road. Common sense should provide the enlightenment.

The KB Forum conversation indicated that only a new planning application could change the proposed Andover Road closure and Mike Slinn of the KB Residents Association made a strong point that such an application might be favoured by recognising inevitable new developments at Sir John Moore Barracks with the additional traffic that will bring through the estate. I ask the question, who is able to submit such a planning application? It would be interesting to hear.

The other question is how did we get into the situation where the profit-making developer in Cala Homes has the whip hand over our local transport policy?

I shall be seeking to understand the different party views on this matter before casting my vote in May.

Dave Alderson,
Cherry Close,
South Wonston

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