Thank you for your article 'Date set for road’s controversial move’, which informed us that Andover Road will close early in 2026 and traffic will then be diverted through the new Barton Farm estate (Hampshire Chronicle, March 28).

As you say, the move is controversial and, personally, I have yet to meet anyone who sees it as a good idea. However, I am willing to accept that at some stage in the past the powers that be, including the professional planners, genuinely believed this to be a good idea. 

They ought to know what they are talking about. Can I therefore put this question to them via your newspaper?

Please will someone in authority, from either the county or city councils or both and paid by us to represent us, explain to us why it is such a great idea to divert a dead-straight main arterial road through a new housing estate, especially when it appears that a large majority of the people you represent think it is a very bad idea. Years ago, I used to drive to Devon along the A31/A35 where village after village were each pleading for a bypass (they got them). Here we are removing one. As this decision will affect a huge number of people adversely, will you please explain the logic behind it? 

Maybe you will convince us although it is hard to see how, but surely you owe us an explanation. 

Tony Atherton,
Rewlands Drive,


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