A family are living in fear after their garage was raided by thieves, costing them more than £12,000 in stolen belongings and damage.

On Thursday, March 28, three men dressed in black stole a £10,000 BMW motorbike and a £1,600 Cube mountain bike from Kelly Broad's home in Rimington Gardens, Romsey.

The thieves also smashed the family's Ford car window to access and break the lock on the garage door – costing the family a further £900 in damages.

The brazen thieves also knocked off the CCTV camera while they carried out the burglary.

The 38-year-old has said that her two sons, aged six and 13, feel unsafe in their own home and are frightened someone will come back to terrorise the family.

They are now calling for anyone who might have information or have seen something near Rimmington Gardens or Warren Gardens to get in touch with police.

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The mother-of-two said: “It's not the cost that is the worst bit for us - it’s the fact that our children now feel unsafe in their own home.

“My six-year-old asks me when the bad men are going to come back. No child should feel that way in their own home.

“It's horrible to have something like this happen right under your nose when you sleep.

Hampshire Chronicle: The lock on the door was broken and the motorbike was stolen“We had CCTV and even the car alarm sounding did not deter them.”

The family said that other neighbours had mentioned strange men shining lights in cars at night in the weeks prior to the theft.  

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: “We were called at 5.41am on Thursday, 28 March to a report that a BMW motorbike and a Cube Mountain Bike had been stolen from a garage at Rimington Gardens in Romsey.

“A Ford Mondeo was also damaged but was not stolen. Enquiries are ongoing.

“If anyone has seen either the motorbike or mountain bike, has been offered them for sale, or saw anything suspicious in the area at the time please call 101 quoting 44240131517.”