AN INDEPENDENT music festival near Alresford has applied for a new premises licence.

Brockwood Entertainments is applying to hold a four-day festival at Joans Acre Land, Hinton Ampner. The application covers the sale of alcohol for consumption during the event and the showing of regulated entertainment, including films, and performances of live and recorded music.

A condition attached to the application limits the size of the festival to 2,000 persons in 2024, which includes everyone at the premises regardless of whether they are guests or staff. However, the applicant is also applying to increase that number to a maximum of 3,000 people in 2025.

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The application has received 34 objections, with the majority concerned with the festival causing public nuisance and concerns over public safety.

Hampshire Chronicle: Brockwood Music Festival in 2021Brockwood Music Festival in 2021

Sir Michael Snyder, of Church Lane, Bramdean, said in an objection submitted to the city council: “I write to object to the licensing of this festival on grounds of the noise and traffic issues which will create a public nuisance and the inappropriateness of holding such an event over 4 days with the additional preparation and clearing periods either side.

“Indeed, I do not believe the holding of the event at all”.

David Templeman, of Hinton Ampner, expressed his belief that allowing the festival would create more local traffic.

His objection states: “Brockwood and Cheesefoot Head are only just over 5 miles apart. They are both on an essential East/West transport road link. Boomtown already disrupts this hub, not only during the event, but also for several weeks during set up and dismantling.

"This Brockwood Event will create yet more local, through traffic havoc. In effect this application will mean two licences for two music festivals, both well within hearing distance of each other.”

Claire Rogers, of Hinton Ampner Place, supported the application, writing: “I am writing in support of the application for a license for The Brockwood Festival in July 2024. We live at Hinton Ampner Place, Hinton Ampner and do not believe that this festival would create any public nuisance in the form of noise.

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“We live within a couple of miles of the festival and the event has never caused any undue noise and is in fact something that most of the locals enjoy and support. Being as close as we are to the festival, I feel that we are in an excellent position to judge whether or not we would be disturbed by the noise! I do hope that the license will be granted.”

Louisa Danials, of Arle Gardens, Alresford, also voiced her support for the festival.

Her written note of support says: “I am writing to support Brockwood Festival's license as we do not believe the noise levels granted to be a public nuisance or a risk to public safety. The event is enjoyed by locals and serves as a great opportunity to gather young people together and we would like it to stay.”

Brockwood Festival was first launched in 2021. Founded by Alastair Morton, Josh Gulliver, Olly Toomey, Fergus Kirkland and Jamie Varley, the event raises money for the mental health charity MIND.

The application will be heard by the Winchester City Council Licensing Sub-committee on Wednesday, April 10.