With 33 free NHS Sexual Health clinics at your disposal, these safe, secure spaces are here to help.


For centuries, the topic of young people’s sexuality has been one only whispered behind closed doors but this undeniable factor in our under 18s lives is finally being handled with the respect, care and attention that it deserves. Open to all young people, these medical oases aim to help treat and deal with any concerns or pre-occupations you may be experiencing- no judgement involved.


During my own visit to Eastleigh’s walk-in service, the immediate mix of a warm, welcoming environment and dedicated staff helped ward off any overwhelming worries.


With just a form and a small wait, I was able to receive a one-to-one appointment with a healthcare professional and talk through my thoughts with patience and time. While privacy may be a concern of many, this service was utterly anonymous and dealt with every ounce of respect an adult would receive. And, although a parent’s email was given, they are only contacted under extreme circumstances as your time with the NHS worker is kept just between you and them.


After a brief conversation about general health and circumstances, this seamless process allowed me to receive the contraceptive injection that same day- no fear or faff needed. Despite their volume of patients, they were willing to make any accommodations or changes needed to make the process as comfortable as possible, and a friend was allowed to come with me for support


It was heartwarming to see the unadulterated care and support the staff give to each and every patient, no matter the problem or concern. One student who visited that same day quoted too that it was a ‘welcoming environment with friendly staff’. For anyone currently dealing with any issues or questions surrounding their sexual health, I know it may seem scary at first, but these clinics are here and ready to help you and others you know today.


Find out about your local clinic at the https://www.letstalkaboutit.nhs.uk/clinics/# website. Services available include, but are not limited to, contraception, STI testing and treatment, as well as sexual assault support.