The constant battle with littering is an issue faced by many towns and many countries all over the world, so why is Hampshire different? The truth is, it’s not. 


In light of the constant onslaught of litter around town, posters have been placed up in and around Basingstoke by Basingstoke and Deane council just a couple of weeks ago- pondering the question of ‘why’. Asking directly in an attempt to deter fly-tippers.

There’s no lack of public dustbins, in fact most litter appears in grassy or bushy areas, commonly within eyesight of a public bin. Countless campaigns have been started to try to counter littering and fly-tipping, and countless local people have tried to clean up after those who do- however, Hampshire County Council actually advises against doing so due to the threat of hidden sharp or dangerous objects, and to alert your local council instead. 


There is the question of what can be done, with large, very noticeable, dustbins having been placed on the path to Popley community park a few years ago, while reducing litter, never managed to stop it completely, similarly to attempts of reversal, still piles of cigarettes and empty energy drinks can be found in every corner.


Littering is thought to be caused by a culture of laziness and carelessness- people acting without thinking of the consequences it could have on the area around them.


If caught fly-tipping, the prosecutor could face up to a £150 fine, yet still with all these incentives to stop, littering is as prevalent as ever, but that’s not to say that  previous efforts have failed.


The question of what can be done to prevent littering- such an adamant show of idleness- is something that you can help solve by writing to the Hampshire County Council with your ideas, and calling out littering when you see it. Visiting the Hampshire County Council website gives clear instructions on photographing fly-tipping or drug-related litter and reporting it to your local council.