The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a bird of prey conservation charity, on a mission to save these fantastic birds in the wild. Based just east of Andover along the A303, the Trust offers a fun day out with a variety of events and opportunities to see the birds and wildlife in all their glory.    


The Trust’s nature-filled site is open for days out and experiences for all of the family with the funds going towards the conservation of birds of prey. They run amazing projects such as the International Vulture Programme and provide nest boxes for owls and kestrels across the UK as part of their Raptor Nest Box Project. A standout feature of the Hawk Conservancy is their world-class flying demonstrations - with the ‘Master of the Sky’ demonstration reaching a total of 20 birds flying at once! You are taken between three immersive ‘arenas’ (each replicating the natural habitat of the species typically flown in them) and witness the flight of spectacular birds of prey from owls to vultures. 


Throughout the day you are inspired about different species, such as secretary birds and falcons, by the knowledgeable bird team who conduct and commentate the demonstrations. In between sessions you can walk around the site and see a variety of birds in aviaries or enjoy a meal at the Trust’s Feathers Restaurant and have a browse through the gift shop (with the funds going towards the amazing work done at the Trust). The Trust also offers exciting experience days where anyone can meet and fly these magnificent birds or photograph them in photography sessions.  


The Trust also hosts numerous special events. Ben Cox, the Event Coordinator and member of the bird team, described the Trust and its work as ‘sensational.’ He has been working at the Trust since he was 17 through the Trust’s apprenticeship scheme and shares an incredible passion for nature and wildlife with the rest of the team. Ben said he ‘always takes pride in doing [flying demonstrations]’ and loves ‘inspiring people to fall in love with birds of prey’ and nature. Since being the Event Coordinator, Ben, together with the rest of the team, has created the ‘Sunset at the Trust’ event, a magical summer’s evening with the birds, which returns soon. Ben also helps out with experience days and says he ‘never gets tired of seeing someone have a majestic bird land on their glove.’


On 29th June, the Hawk Conservancy Trust is hosting a special ‘Night of Nature’ with Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin, with tickets going on sale soon. This event has limited capacity and is expected to sell out quickly - so don’t miss out! A fan favourite event is ‘Owls by Moonlight’ with a whole evening dedicated to flying owls in the Woodland Arena under the night sky. 


With the Easter holidays and summer soon approaching, it is the perfect time to visit the Hawk Conservancy Trust - book now and have a sky-high day at the Trust!