MORE than 30 people are objecting to major plans which want to turn an empty office building and house into new homes.

Developer SNG (Sovereign Network Group) want to demolish Kings Worthy Court and convert Kings Worthy House.

The plans will see 24 homes replacing the former office building and six flats at the house. 

By Wednesday, March 27, 31 objections had been submitted and four neutral comments. 

In an objection, Kings Worthy Parish Council requested that the proposal be decided by Winchester City Council's planning committee. They said: “The additional traffic generated from this proposed development will increase the load on both London Road, and the Cart & Horses Junction, which has well-documented ongoing issues including multiple accidents and near misses.

“Some of the proposed housing will be located very close to the existing housing adjacent to the site, particularly 21-25 Church Lane. The proximity of this housing will have a significant impact on the neighbouring properties including a loss of amenity.”

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Lianne Hinxman, of Mount Pleasant, Kings Worthy, said: “Kings Worthy has had more than its fair share of new developments and is barely a village anymore as a result of overdevelopment.

“Why can't the building be used or adapted for use by the community instead?

“Sadly, this is another development plan being driven by greed and money by people who won't feel the effects themselves.”

Catherine Gough, of Church Lane, said: “It seems a good idea to redevelop this site at some level. I'm pleased that the lovely old house is staying and the utilitarian office buildings are going.

“The plan to remove some of the mature trees is a concern, particularly in the light of recent surveys highlighting the biodiversity of this site. In addition they soften the outlook and enhance privacy for residents. Unless established trees are dying or in danger of dropping branches I think we should strive to preserve them.”

The Worthys ward councillor Steve Cramoysan objected and Jackie Porter sent a neutral comment. 

On the application's planning statement, it said: “The proposed development of 30 dwellings comprises the following: Conversion of Kings Worthy House into six two-bed flats; two two-bed maisonettes; seven two-bed houses; 12 three-bed houses; two three-bed bungalows; four four-bed houses.

“It is proposed that 40 per cent of the dwellings will be ‘affordable’ in line with local planning policy. 

“The current tenants have left the main building and are now located solely in Kings Worthy House. Their lease ends in January 2024 following which the site will be vacant. Kings Worthy Court has been vacant since 2020.”

For more information about the plan, search 24/00103/FUL on Winchester City Council's online planning portal.