PERINS School has promoted its newest drama production with a special event at Winchester Science Centre.

The event welcomed hundreds of attendees including family members to learn more about Into the Woods, the latest play put on by pupils at the secondary school.

Attendees heard more about the upcoming play and then watched the cast perform both songs and short scenes from the musical.

They were then able to watch a promotional video celebrating the play in the science centre’s planetarium.

Hampshire Chronicle: The promotional video was shown at the Winchester Science Centre planetariumThe promotional video was shown at the Winchester Science Centre planetarium (Image: Chris Atkinson)

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Speaking to the Chronicle, head of creative arts Marilitsa Alexiou said: “I’m so proud of the cast, they are so talented and each year we seem to get a bigger cast!

“I think this year it is really special that we nurtured the talent from year 7, it’s not just the older students who are getting these opportunities. Our Little Red Riding Hoods are both in year 7, Jack is in year 9, and I think it is lovely that this production in particular seems to span all year groups.

“We’ve done a split cast again, because we’re inundated for talent, and it’s really lovely to see them help each other and learn more about their roles. It gives them the confidence to grow and explore.”

Ms Alexiou also confirmed that the show will be performed at the Grange at Northington, where the promotional video was also filmed.

Hampshire Chronicle: Pupils addressing parents and family at the science centrePupils addressing parents and family at the science centre (Image: Pageant Productions)

She continued: “We’re really excited that The Grange has opened its doors to us. We don’t have a theatre at the school, we feel like we have everything a creative arts department can have, but without a venue, it is impossible for us. So, The Grange has recognised our talent, which is lovely.

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“We had more than 400 auditions for this production and have a final cast of 208. We have a community orchestra and choir, so it’s a huge event.”

Written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, Into the Woods is a unique twist on fairy tales which sees the events of Jack and the Beanstalk happening the same day that Cinderella goes to the ball. The story book characters meet and interact before trying to save the day and earn their happy ending.

Perins will be performing Into the Woods on Thursday, July 18, Friday, July 19 and Sunday, July 21. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, March 27 at 6pm.