Jesus Christ Superstar has arrived at one of Hampshire's biggest theatres just in time for Easter.

The UK tour is in full swing and is director Timothy Sheader's reimagined take on the impressive musical which won the 2017 Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival.

It's safe to say I had high hopes. Jesus Christ Superstar is a powerful musical, exploring the psychology of humanity and success.

The first time saw an amateur production at university. A few years later I forced all my flatmates to watch the recorded production starring John Legend and Sara Bareilles. 

I've been waiting years to watch a professional production on stage and I was thrilled to see it was coming to Hampshire. 

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Hampshire Chronicle: Pilate with Caiaphas and Annas Pilate with Caiaphas and Annas (Image: Jesus Christ Superstar)Of course, the cast is incredibly talented. The ensemble was passionate and emotive, delivering the iconic numbers with ease despite the intense choreography. 

Alternate Luke Street took to the stage as Jesus, his quiet, moody take on the superstar elevated his mystery. The whole audience was captivated by 'Gethsemane' where the emotion was desperate and raw.

Hannah Richardson hit every note perfectly as Mary, each performance was dripping with emotion that was simply captivating. 

Jad Habchi was incredible as Caiaphas - every time he returned to the stage we knew we were in for a treat. The deep vocals mixed with the camp choreography was perfect. 

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Hampshire Chronicle: The ensemble performing 'The Temple' The ensemble performing 'The Temple' (Image: Jesus Christ Superstar)But, it did feel like some of the complex emotions of Jesus Christ Superstar were missing. I'm not sure if it was the microphones or artistic dancing, but during some numbers, it felt like we were struggling to connect with the emotions of the production.

While some cast members brought the drama of the music - Ryan O'Donnell as Pilate specifically - it felt like some cast members were too cool for the words they were speaking. 

I found myself asking: Where is the anger? Where is the passion? I wish I had seen it throughout the whole production, rather than glimpses here and there. 

All in all, it is an impressive show to look at - you will not be left disappointed. The set is imposing, with a huge cross overlooking the audience and the lighting was simply stunning. 

Jesus Christ Superstar is at the Mayflower Theatre until Saturday, March 30.