I have read all the articles and comments in the Advertiser about Edwina Mountbatten House and the Crosfield Hall, and I feel neither project is in the best interests of Romsey. 

The idea of a three-storey building overlooking the town as you drive in is going to be overpowering for visitors and residents alike. It should not be allowed to dominate the town in that way. 

The Crosfield Hall needs to stay in town. Has anyone worked out that if there is something on at the hall people will cross the road and come into town and spend money (and vice versa)? If it is the other side of the Rapids how many people will trek back to town? I know I wouldn't and I am not as old as a lot of the people who would use it.

I have the ideal solution, if the Crosfield Hall must be knocked down then put it where Edwina Mountbatten House is and build the retirement houses on the other side of the rapids. They could have regular bus trips into town as they wouldn't walk it. The other alternative is to use the old brewery site - still no sign of the house that were supposed to be built there. Why not the Crosfield Hall or the three storey Edwina Mountbatten replacement. It could even become a much needed multi-storey car park.

Please leave us our hall where it is and please stop building so many houses on green belt land. We were a smallish town when I moved here in the 1980's, I loved being part of such a friendly place. Now it is a fight for parking spaces, a constant risk of floods as the green space - Fishlake for example have been built on. 

Romsey is very special, please don't spoil it any more than it has been already.
Wendy Ellis,
Old Road,

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