Andrew Beadle in his letter (Chronicle, March 21 ) has been very measured and objective when referring to the selection of Flick Drummond as the Conservative candidate in the coming general election. 

And yes many of us living in Winchester at the time, and myself in Flick Drummond's council ward, have long memories and neither forget nor forgive the unmitigated arrogance in moving to the USA when a councillor and declaring she could serve her constituents perfectly well from there. 

She has not, as far as I know, ever apologised. So there you have it. This candidate if elected at the election presumably thinks she could do the same again. It is a case of being careful what you wish for. Or vote for. And it is clearly a flawed process where Flick Drummond was the only applicant for the seat simply as the sitting member for part of the new constituency. 

Winchester deserves a candidate from open competition for the seat not a shoe-in like this. And while I know not Flick Drummond and wish her well in the future, with all due respect her political career is less than memorable and Winchester needs a politician who will put Winchester on the map and strive ceaselessly for all of us. Winchester can do better. Stand down Flick Drummond, stand down. 

Roger Davey,
Field Close,
Bishop's Waltham 

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