It is excellent news (Romsey Advertiser, March 8) that Romsey Future is holding a consultation and Citizens' Assembly to discuss what is required from Crosfield Hall, and that keeping Crosfield Hall is being considered as one of the options.

The petition to save Crosfield Hall, the many letters in this paper, and the discussion on Facebook all show that there is a strong feeling in Romsey for keeping the hall within the town centre and near its facilities, instead of separating it by moving it across the bypass to the Rapids.

There are also many voices saying that they like Crosfield Hall, and would rather see it refurbished than demolished and rebuilt. Refurbishment would also be the environmentally friendly approach, and would avoid the very high energy use and carbon emissions which demolition and rebuilding would cause.

Given that Test Valley has declared a climate emergency, refurbishment would help the councillors and planners to minimise the whole-life carbon emissions of their plans, as the emissions for refurbishment are around one fifth of the emissions for demolition and rebuild.

Refurbishing the hall would satisfy the wishes of many Romsonians, it would save Crosfield Hall for future generations and (partly) save the planet. 

Patricia Roberts,
Winchester Hill,

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