Why we need to mark 200th anniversary of Jane Austen with a statue at the cathedral. 

Pride and Prejudice has sold 20 million copies worldwide in 200 years in continuous print not forgetting five other novels in 40 different languages never out of print.

Jane Austen has inspired countless adaptations of her stories and characters they have become a cultural touchstone, referenced in everything from Bridget Jones Diary to Clueless. 

It would seem fitting for a statue in Winchester Cathedral grounds to honour her as she was highly critical of law and conventions of her time where women were denied many of freedoms and opportunities the letter writer and all British women now have making her an early feminist. 

Making a statue of William Walker suggested by writers seems strange and out of touch against our Hampshire author who is still trending 200 years after her death. Most Winchester residents and worldwide visitors would be filled with joy seeing to one of the world's greatest authors as a statue. 

Peter J Smith,
St Cross Road,

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