Peter Symonds Culture Day

At Peter Symonds, there are a wide range of students from many many different backgrounds, which is something the college is proud of and encourages. So last week on the 21st of March, we had our second annual culture day where any student was free to come in and share their culture however they wanted.  People came in lovely traditional saris and lehengas and other traditional clothing along with setting up a stand in the sports hall representing their country and even performances and a fashion show.

The hall was packed with loads of different stalls sharing amazing homemade food and displaying other cultural things and even holding a fashion show. Some of the countries represented by our students include Greece,Jamaica, Pakistan,Mexico, Sweden, ,The Philippines,Australia,China, Egypt, Cameroon and many many more. Some student favorite foods induced the Chinese gyozas, and the Filipino boba tea.

The Wonderful EDI (Equality,Diversity and Inclusion) team did an amazing job at co-ordinating the whole event with other staff and students to really make it special and uplift the sense of community at Peter Symonds. Students and the EDI team made tiktoks off all the countries and uploaded pictures and videos of the whole day to their instagram.So,  if you want to see just how incredible it was and the get the full idea of the collage community, head on over to their instagram page, PSC_EDI_TEAM, to see the full range of events. 

Holding events like these are very very important to the collage and students as it not only brings fun into a regular school weeks, but proudly celebrates all students from different backgrounds and gives them a space to share the food,dress and dances that they love from their culture to a wide audience. Not only do the collage to annual culture dyas, but also hold events for pride month in the summer and, more recently held  a range of workshops run by students with a variety of different activities and foods all throughout February.

Head over to PSC_EDI_TEAM on instagram and PSCU (Student Union) on tiktok to see more of culture day and snippets of other events in the past and to come.