Winchester College Chapel hosted a one-off charity performance to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Bach’s St John Passion on Good Friday.

The special event also raised funds for eye research at the University of Southampton.

The performance, by the Bach Winchester Voices (BWV), presented the charismatic story of the Passion of Christ in the breathtaking Chapel environment.

Pre-performance drinks and updating sessions about the current research on blinding eye diseases were accessible to guests.

The choir, known as Crawley Bachistas, consisted of local music lovers, professional musicians, and young voices from the Royal College of Music and BBC Singers, led by conductor Andrew Hayman.

Jon Newman is delighted to be supporting Gift of Sight with this event. He said: "Having been a passionate Bach enthusiast all my life, I am incredibly excited to organise this anniversary performance, 300 years since the first performance in Leipzig on Good Friday in 1724.

"And to be able to perform with amazing singers and musicians, whilst raising money for such an important charity is just wonderful. Professor Lotery’s team of scientists at the University of Southampton are helping develop new treatments to save people’s sight.

"As musicians we recognise the importance of all of our senses, especially vision, which enables us to read this remarkable manuscript. It is very fitting, therefore, that we are supporting the Gift of Sight Appeal."

Funds raised will support the Gift of Sight Appeal's vision science team at the University which aims to develop new treatments for prevalent eye diseases.