A leading nutrition and supplement brand based in Winchester has announced the expansion of its plant-based product range to include a unique men's promulti supplement, developed by practitioners to target the changing health needs of men over the age of 45.

Building on the brand’s already extensive range of efficacious supplements, spanning gut health, skin health, hair health, sleep, mental wellbeing and more, DR.VEGAN’s Men’s ProMulti is a ‘first’ in men’s health.

It is a 32-ingredient formula of active live cultures (probiotics), prebiotics, botanicals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, designed to support prostate health, healthy testosterone levels, gut health, daily vitality and general well-being.

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Studies show that the chances of experiencing issues with prostate health, testosterone levels, or general health increase in men above the age of 45. Seeking to address this issue, DR.VEGAN’s Men’s ProMulti is designed to provide a simple, all-in-one option for men looking to tick every box with one cost-effective solution and replace the need for many individual supplements. 

Co-founder of DR.Vegan, Gordon Lott, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our already-extensive product range as we continue on our mission to provide consumers of all ages with the most effective, ethical supplements.”

Hampshire Chronicle: DR.VEGAN has expanded its product range to include a unique, first of its kind mens promulti supplementDR.VEGAN has expanded its product range to include a unique, first of its kind mens promulti supplement (Image: DR.VEGAN)

Gordon added: “Men’s ProMulti is a product I’m incredibly proud of, created by industry-leading nutritionists, and designed to provide a simple solution to men as their health needs begin to change.

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"Men are currently underserved when it comes to remedies addressing multiple needs as they age, whether it is due to a lack of options, or inadequate options.

"We’re proud to be able to provide the first, an all-in-one option that replaces the need for many individual supplements, with the most bioavailable, effective plant-based ingredients.”

Lead nutrionist at DR.VEGAN, Shona Wilkinson, said: "Supporting a healthy prostate, heart and cognitive function is important for men at any age, and while this is even more so the case among men as they get older, nutrient deficiencies among younger men can mean they’re not supporting the optimal health of these vital functions.

"We’re delighted to be able to support all men with this unique, industry-leading formula, as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to taking many individual supplements for optimal health.”

More information on DR.VEGAN can be found at drvegan.com.