NEWS that a pair of popular fast-food chains are coming to Winchester city centre has divided opinion.

As previously reported, new planning applications submitted to Winchester City Council confirm that Five Guys and Nando’s are moving into the ground floor of the empty Debenhams department store in High Street.

It is also believed that Pizza Express, which has a restaurant on Bridge Street, will move into the space as well.

News of this development has split the residents of Winchester, with some looking forward to the new restaurants, while others are against the idea.

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In a comment on the Hampshire Chronicle Facebook page, Paul Ralph said: “Winchester is losing its appeal as a boutique type shopping centre it's now just another junk food and coffee shop tripe high street! Why go there now as it's just BLAH!!!”

Jill Read was also against the new restaurants, saying: “Why do we need so many places to eat in Winchester? There used to be decent shops now it's all places to eat, I suppose that's what shopping online creates.”

Dee Harper added: “I've never been in either place and don't intend to, we really don't need more overpriced eating places in Winchester. We need shops to bring people back into town as it's turning into a ghost town for the normal working-class Wintonian shoppers.”

Andy Davidson said that he believes there are enough restaurants in Winchester, saying: “If you live in Weeke and Harestock you only need to visit the Priors Dean shopping area or Stoney Lane for a range of restaurants/fast food outlets. No need to drive, walk or bus into the town centre!"

Not everyone was upset by the news, however.

Alex James Oliver was more receptive to the news, saying: “Great news! Both are delicious. Also, Winchester doesn’t have a speciality burger restaurant chain. I would also have accepted ’Honest Burger’ and ‘Patty & Bun’.”

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Andy Bone commented: “People moaning about coffee shops and restaurants and the fact shops are closing. Winchester is a tourist town. Tourists need to eat and drink in places. People don’t come here to shop.”

Johnathan Harmer said he was looking forward to the discussion around the restaurants as much as the new fast food places themselves, writing: “I had a sneaky suspicion Nandos would be on the cards given the size of the units.

“Now to sit back and enjoy the outrage…”