SIX months on from when Winchester Railway Station was labelled a bike theft hot spot, statistics show reported incidents are declining.

From August to January, 18 bikes have been reported as stolen from in and around the station area, according to data from, with none in December and just one in January.

Hampshire Chronicle: Data from August to JanuaryData from August to January (Image: Adele Bouchard, Flourish)

After more than 113 bike were stolen from the area in two years, South Western Railway (SWR) has, in discussion with Steve Brine MP, councillors, local campaign groups, Hampshire Police and the British Transport Police (BTP), announced a new approach to identify bike thieves, prevent further thefts and help customers keep their cycles safe.

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Mr Brine said: “The downward trend is hugely welcome and credit to SWR and the police for gripping this. There’s no question a single arrest they made at the back end of last year made a big impact but we need to keep the focus.”

The SWR Crime and Security Team and the BTP visited the station to review short and long-term options.

Plans include an AI security camera that can identify vulnerable areas that could be crime hotspots.

The temporary fencing around the forecourt trees has also been removed to allow access to the stands at the front of the station.

SWR and BTP are considering a joint operation at Winchester Railway Station as a longer-term solution.

A spokesman for SWR said: "We’re continuing to look at ways to make the cycle storage facility safer and we’ve worked with the BTP to hold bike marking events and provide advice on keeping bikes safe."