I would like to give my whole-hearted support to your correspondent Sally Penton’s well-argued case for not moving the proposed new hospital to Dummer, and to Danny Chambers for spotting an opportunity that did not exist when sites were being considered for the new hospital.

I have not responded to the ‘consultation’ over the hospital because it seemed to me more of a sales document persuading people what a good idea it was, while making some vague statements about what the existing Winchester hospital would be used for.

The powers that be seemed to be sold on building the new hospital in the middle of the countryside, but with the availability of the John Moore site, common sense should prevail and the advantages of the barracks should be assessed.

I have had recent experiences that rather undermine the sense of placing a new hospital adjacent to Junction 7.

Firstly I underwent treatment on a daily basis at the existing Basingstoke Hospital for several weeks. I, like Sally Penton, live in South Wonston and I often wondered how long it would have taken me to travel to the hospital requiring 3 buses, especially if like ours, they are on an hourly service. A car was essential to meet the very precise appointment times.

Secondly, more recently, I was taken to Winchester A & E by ambulance and received excellent service despite the fact that they were terribly busy.

This posed another problem as my wife is unable to drive our car. I would not have expected to be taken back home by ambulance, and I was not properly dressed to travel by bus, or even taxi.

Not every individual has a car, especially if you are elderly, and if like me the car driver is taken ill, it is out of action. If, unlike me, your visit to A & E requires a longer stay in hospital and some of the above applies, visits from your nearest and dearest which would aid recovery, would be almost impossible, except at great expense.

Building a new hospital at Dummer, is probably now somewhat redundant when a better site could be available for what basically should be a Winchester Hospital.

David Selby,

West Hill Road North,

South Wonston

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