I am writing in response to the front page article about the LibDem MP candidate believing he can overturn all the hospital consultations which have taken place in the past.  Ignoring the past work done where the sites he suddenly thinks can be magically reintroduced.  We don’t like the answer so we’ll stop everything and make sure no one benefits and watches over continued decline. My heart sinks in despair.

This seems to be typical of the current administration and a LibDem trait – oppose everything and achieve nothing. What has been achieved is to complete three projects which the previous Conservative administration had commenced.  They completed the new Sport & Leisure Centre, built the car park on the old mint site at Bar End, rebuilt the sports hub for Hyde residents at King George V playing fields and eventually commenced work on the new health centre.

There is however a risk of making progress and the risk of losing votes seems to mean absolutely nothing happens. Vote LibDem and make sure your life doesn’t get better.

No progress in central Winchester regeneration, the old leisure centre, Station Approach or the bus station. Our toilets are absolutely dire for visitors whether you visit to City or market towns.   The new car park and housing in Alresford – no progress! Our NHS services will not see improvements by denying the opportunity for £900m to be spent ensuring the best health care is delivered here.  

Flick Drummond, when standing for Meon Valley, promised three things: to address the issues with poor broadband for rural communities, see a regeneration project for Waterlooville Town Centre underway and tackle the issues with noisy motorbikes on the A32 and A272.   These are positive changes making a difference to people's lives and much appreciated by those who benefit from the changes.  

We need to see improvements for residents and that is exactly what Flick has always fought for as an MP and delivered on.

Yours sincerely

Lisa Griffiths

Appledown Close


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