Mr Sherwood asks, “Where did it all Go Wrong?” (Chronicle 14th March). It went wrong when we turned our backs on 'dull' politicians, who were talented, careful and caring. Instead, we elected TV 'celebrities' and 'personalities', who we thought would be 'fun'. Some, we elected 'just for a laugh'. We all knew that most of these people were manifestly unfit for the office, and so it has proved. They surrounded themselves with people in their own image, so our government became chaotic, dissolute and derelict.

Our roads are full of potholes, motorway bridges fall down, we have record NHS waiting lists, our rivers and beaches become ever more polluted and we have lock-down parties in 10 Downing Street.

Our industry has fallen into such decay, that it cannot replenish our own military supplies, let alone support our friends. The 'fun' Liz Truss budget cost our country £30bn. Not many people felt it was 'fun' when they suffered a huge increase in their mortgage repayments.

We are spending £106bn building a new railway line that was supposed to connect London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. In the event, it runs parallel to two existing railways between London and Birmingham where it peters out, the existing lines are to be all but closed (to force people to use the new line at greater expense) and the service between Manchester and London will take longer and have fewer seats. Let's hope they don't close the M1.

There have always been people who identified as furniture, but we put them in Government. We made the wrong turn; it's all entirely our own fault.

Roger Stevens

Cliff Way,



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