A car expert has shared 4 signs to look for that mean that you need to consult a mechanic. 

The cost of living crisis has prompted Brits up and down the country to look for creative ways to save on their regular bills as well as their more substantial expenses.

Many motorists might be considering doing some DIY car or repair maintenance to avoid spending money on a mechanic. 

However, a car expert has warned that there are some jobs that should definitely be left to the professionals. 

Especially since, as new research from Aviva has revealed, almost half of drivers have 'botched' a DIY car maintenance job. 

On average, the insurer estimated that these kinds of mistakes set drivers back £803.

To save you from a hefty bill later, Damian Maginn, a car expert and director of Wessex Vans, has shared his expert advice.

The car expert has outlined four signs that you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to get checked over before it breaks down or an expensive repair job is needed.

What jobs would you leave to the mechanics?

Here are four signs that you need to visit a mechanic rather than do the job yourself, according to Mr Maginn.

Unpleasant Smell  

We all love a pleasant-smelling car, but if your usual air freshener suddenly seems to have no effect, it could be masking a more sinister odour.

A strange, sweet smell might indicate a coolant leak, while a burning rubber scent could hint at clutch problems.

Trust your nose – if the usual scent isn't masking something unpleasant, it's time to get your car checked.

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Window Wipers 

Your window wipers are essential when you’re driving in a downpour, which happens more often than not in Britain, so any unusual behaviour from them is a cause for concern.

If they start juddering or streaking inexplicably, it could be a sign of worn wiper blades, which are essential for clear vision.

More worryingly, though, erratic wiper movement might indicate a faulty wiper motor, and that will need a mechanic's attention to ensure you can see clearly in the rain.

Dodgy Dashboard

Modern cars are installed with the latest technology, but that arguably makes them more susceptible to having an electronic malfunction.

If your dashboard lights suddenly start flashing like a light show, it's not a feature, it's a fault.

Flickering or dimming lights could indicate a loose connection or a failing alternator, both of which need a mechanic to diagnose and fix before your battery gets drained or the electrics go haywire.

Car Chattering

Your car might not complain verbally, but it will definitely communicate problems through strange noises.

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One to listen out for is a persistent chattering sound coming from underneath the car, especially when you accelerate.

This could be a sign of worn or damaged constant velocity (CV) joints, which are vital for transmitting power to the wheels.

Ignoring a CV joint problem can lead to a costly breakdown, so get it checked out by a mechanic to avoid getting stranded.