Chandler’s Ford's Thornden Secondary School hosted its inaugural community Iftar meal on campus.

Invitations were sent out to all students, irrespective of their cultural background, and the event saw a huge turnout.

The Muslim families broke their fast with dates and a drink, and then collectively said their prayers. Subsequently, everyone enjoyed a lentil curry, bread, and samosas provided by local groups.

This event was a component of the school's mindful effort to celebrate Ramadan and bring its diverse community in unity.

Expressing her delight, headteacher Caroline Lowing revealed her joy at the large guest attendance at the Iftar meal. She said: "This meal means so much to our students - one student came to thank me and said she just couldn’t believe that this was happening at her school.

"Thornden is a really diverse school with a range of students from different backgrounds and cultures. We want students to be able to bring their whole authentic selves to school.

"The meal was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our community. In the future, we want to plan a whole calendar of events like this one to bring together our parent and pupil communities."

Thornden School, part of the HISP multi-academy trust, is located in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh.