The British Farming Awards 2024 is now welcoming nominations and entries.

In its 12th year, the event aims to highlight the outstanding work being carried out in the industry, acknowledging the dedicated individuals who are the driving forces behind it.

With support from Morrision's, the awards celebrate the diversity and resilience of UK farmers and their businesses. The awards appreciate the contributions of family farms, newcomers, and agricultural students, all of whom are integral to the future of the industry.

Sophie Throup, head of agriculture, fisheries and sustainable sourcing at Morrisons, said: "As long-term supporters of British Farming, we want to thank farmers across the country for all the work they continue to do.  

"That is why we're pleased to once again be supporting the British Farming Awards, recognising the effort, skills care and innovation British farmers put into making and providing the food we all enjoy so much." 

The awards team also invites nominations of businesses that have implemented positive, effective changes, enhanced production and efficiency, and adapted frameworks to resolve ongoing hurdles raised by policy, legislation, environmental concerns, and volatile global commodity markets.

One award given significant attention is the Farmers Guardian Farming Hero, sponsored by Eternit. The accolade acknowledges an individual's dedication to the agricultural industry, championing the needs of fellow farmers, or instigating change, or promoting the industry to the general public.

You can nominate someone who you believe is tirelessly working for UK farming. One exciting addition to the award collection in 2024 is the Agricultural Influencer of the Year.

As social media influencers in farming rise, the awards seek to honour an industry champion who has successfully employed digital platforms to elevate farming's profile and educate wider non-farming audiences about the daily challenges and triumphs of British agriculture.

Sarah Whittaker-Smith, event director of the British Farming Awards said: "I am honoured to play a role in an event that magnifies the extraordinary talent within the UK agricultural sector. The British Farming Awards, hosted by Farmers Guardian and proudly brought to you by Agriconnect, stand as a testament to the commitment, resilience, and spirit of our farming community. 

"We are excited to announce that we will be hosting an ‘entry guidance day’ on Friday April 12, 2024, designed to assist you in navigating the entry process and offer guidance on crafting a compelling submission. To reserve your time slot, please email"