A ZERO waste shop in Winchester has undergone a refurbishment.

Earthian Zero Waste, on Parchment Street, finished the refurb at the end of February.

Katie Campling, the owner of the shop, said: “I’m delighted that we’ve had an opportunity to refresh our shop and expand the range of products inside. Winchester has embraced what we have to offer and I look forward to welcoming everyone back through our doors.

Hampshire Chronicle: The food wallThe food wall (Image: Earthian Zero Waste)

“I spent a long time gathering requests and feedback from our customers before completing the refurbishment.

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“Our shop reflects what our customers would like to see and I’ve added a large number of new products for the reopening, with space for more as we grow.”

Hampshire Chronicle: The shop finished its refurbishment at the end of FebruaryThe shop finished its refurbishment at the end of February (Image: Earthian Zero Waste)

Following its reopening, Earthian Zero Waste now stocks more than 120 foods and more than 30 liquids for cleaning and personal care that customers can refill from directly.

Katie continued: “It’s wonderful to still be here and to have the good news to share. I’ve sadly seen a lot of other fantastic zero waste shops around the UK make the painful decision to close.

“We’ve seen our fair share of challenges, but I’m immensely grateful for our customers for sharing our passion and supporting our business. Now that we’ve taken this exciting step forward I am hopeful about our future, there is still a lot of room for us to grow.”