VILLAGERS have been left shocked after 50 dead animals were dumped outside a village shop near Stockbridge.

The bodies of around 50 dead hares, as well as a barn owl and a kestrel, were found outside the Broughton Community Shop in High Street.

The police were called at 6.20am on Friday, March 15. A spokesperson said: "The animals have been collected and an investigation is underway.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Dozens of dead animals dumped outside village shop

"As part of our investigation we are seeking to identify the owners of a silver Suzuki Grand Vitara. If you saw a vehicle matching this description in the area between Thursday night and Friday morning, please get in touch."

This is the second such an incident has happened following the dumping of dead animals in Awbridge last month.

Mike Hensman, the treasurer for the Broughton shop, said people have been left feeling shocked and very upset.

He said: "We are a local community shop and we are there to serve people we are not there to clear up dead animals that somebody else has put there."

He added: "People were traumatised about this but yet they came back, sorted it out and got the shop open in time to serve customers which is what we do."

He continued: “I had people arrive yesterday morning to open the shop up and they were presented with this. They got in there and even though they were distraught and very upset they cleared it all up and made it ready to serve the community which is what we do. We are a community benefit society, we are non-profit making and we are there to be the community shop and a community hub for the whole of  Broughton."

He said he has been left feeling disappointed but said the shop is open as normal and was full of customers on Saturday, March 16.

"It has just been buzzing and it is has been really busy," he added. "Anger gives you nothing there is no point being angry at people, it is what it is. Hare coursing has been going for hundreds of years and I am just disappointed they decided to dump their hares in front of our shop."

It comes just a month after a deer, pheasants, and hares were among 25 carcasses left outside Awbridge Primary School, about five miles away.

Following the grisly discovery on Friday, February 9, a police investigation was launched.

However, police have confirmed that the investigation has been put on hold due to a lack of lines of enquiry.

A spokesperson told the Chronicle: “We made enquiries following an incident on Friday 9 February, when a number of dead animals had been found in Danes Road, Awbridge.

“There are no active lines of enquiry, and the case has been filed pending any further information becoming available.

“Officers from across the force, including our dedicated Country Watch team, take reports of rural crime very seriously.”

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Mandy Robinson was driving past the school with her husband when she clocked the scene.

The Stockbridge resident told the Chronicle: “It was like something out of a horror movie. I could not believe what I was seeing. I immediately called the police when I saw it and the person I spoke to said she was going to get on it right away. I don’t know why someone would do this.”

The dead animals were cleared away by police alongside Test Valley Borough Council.

Anyone with information about the latest incident is asked to contact police on 101 using the crime reference number 44240111410, or visit