A FORMER High Sheriff of Hampshire died following a fall at this home, an inquest has heard.

Nigel McNair Scott, 77, died at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester on April 7, days after he slipped and fell next to the pool at his home in Huish Lane, Old Basing, on March 31 last year.

An inquest at Winchester Coroners Court on Thursday, March 14, led by area coroner Jason Pegg, determined that it was an accidental death.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr McNair Scott’s wife, Anna, described him as being “busy and mentally agile”, adding that he would walk three or four miles every day and would often start his day off with a swim.

Hampshire Chronicle: Nigel McNair ScottNigel McNair Scott

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She said: “He was a fit man for his age. We would swim most mornings. I’d had my swim and I went to get changed in the pool house. Just after I had got out of the pool and was drying off, I saw him walking down the steps to get to the pool. I was drying off and thought it was strange, as you can often hear when someone gets into the pool, but I hadn’t heard anything.

“When I went out to have a look, I saw him lying next to the pool, perfectly straight. I couldn’t move him, so I had to get some help. He must have slipped. I cannot understand why I didn’t hear anything.”

Mr McNair Scott was taken to hospital, where a CT scan was undertaken showing bleeding, a bruise on the brain and a skull fracture. His condition deteriorated over the next few days, and he was put on end-of-life palliative care on April 4, dying on April 7.

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Summing up the inquest, Mr Pegg said: “Mr McNair Scott made a great success of his life as a businessman, eventually becoming the High Sheriff. The impression I have got is that he was a loving and supportive husband and father.

“On March 31 last year, it seems to me it was a normal morning for him. You both went to the pool for your daily swim and you saw him go to the pool in his trunks. You went to get dry, but did not hear a splash from the pool or see ripples in the water from him getting in, so went to investigate and found him on the floor.

“It seems that he slipped and hit his head. If this had not happened, he would likely still be alive today. It was an accident, so I am giving the cause of death as an accidental death.”

Mr Pegg then gave his condolences to the family.