South coast property professionals recently gathered for a 'Brunch & Learn' seminar at the Utilita Bowl, Hampshire's cricket HQ.

Hosted by MSP Capital and building consultancy Sillence Hurn, the morning event on March 6 focused on women's roles in surveying and forecasts for the construction sector.

The seminar was the third MSP Capital function under its Foundations for Better Futures (FFBF) initiative launched last year.

Sillence Hurn's director Alex Hurn and head of residential services Chloe Hylton delivered engaging presentations.

Chloe discussed the advantages of a diverse workforce in property firms, facilitating a broader range of insight and expertise. Meanwhile, Alex talked about recent challenges in the residential property sector, projecting an uplift in business from this year due to extensive brownfield remediation.

He also stressed the importance of skills investment, urging more industry collaboration and networking.

Reflecting on the Utilita Bowl event, Chris Sheppard, MSP Capital’s associate director of underwriting, said: "It was fantastic to see business people gather together to learn about interesting topics and exchange their experiences."

Eleanor Collins, marketing executive at MSP Capital, added: "Brunch & Learn offers a unique blend of industry knowledge and learning, creating an invaluable opportunity for professionals to share their thoughts around property trends and ESG practices over coffee and a conversation."