Dr Stuart Lawrence, an inspirational guest speaker, impressed the crowd at Alton College with his captivating talk on March 1.

The event, arranged by equality and diversity lead Stef Harvey, witnessed massive participation from students and staff of various disciplines, local feeder schools, and others who flocked to the Martin Read Hall.

Lawrence shared his own experiences, including growing up in South London and going through the tragic loss of his brother, Stephen Lawrence, in 1993. He stressed the importance of individual responsibility to combat racism, with a Q&A session following Lawrence's talk.

Suki Dhesi, vice principal, said: "This was the most inspirational and impactful speaker I have ever listened to… 30 years on and Hon Dr Stuart Lawrence still has the strength to fight the injustices around institutional racism. What a revolutionary!”

Leona Berry, vice principal, added: "In a deeply impactful session, our staff and student community along with local schools united as Hon Dr Stuart Lawrence passionately championed anti-racism through sharing his personal journey."

Along with his personal stories, Lawrence spoke about his book Silence is Not an Option: Find Your Voice and Be Your Best Self. Some attendees even brought copies for signing.