PEOPLE living on the growing Kings Barton estate are opposing newly-emerging plans for 3g pitches on open space.

Many residents of the estate are unhappy that developer Cala Homes is proposing a floodlit artificial football pitch and fencing on the proposed open space at the north of the site. They say the original masterplan envisaged a grassy open space on the land off Manley Road.

Resident Ed Spooner told the city council's Kings Barton Forum that residents had no idea about the new plan until recently when leaflets were put out. No-one saw street notices, he said and asked: "What will be done to stop users parking on the grass verges and neighbouring roads?"

Mr Spooner and other residents asked how the 3g pitch plan had emerged. Kings Barton Forum chair Cllr Steve Cramoysan said it might have been after consultation with the Hampshire Football Association.

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Viv Hill, Cala head of design, said the 3g plans had emerged after the company had spoken to interested parties but he did not have the details at hand.

Mr Hill said Cala had not been "underhand" and there would be a full public consultation about the open space in May-June.

A report from Headbourne Worthy Parish Council to the forum said its Kings Barton Committee has recently discussed the issue: "The residents that spoke to the committee wanted to keep the space open, they expressed concerns regarding the commercial use of the 3g pitch, the flood lighting and the noise levels.

"KBC (Kings Barton Committee) recognises the legitimate concerns of the residents in these areas but is of the opinion that a full and wide consultation is necessary."