Basingstoke’s St Michael’s Hospice is a charity covering North Hampshire.

Its mission is to 'enable anyone faced with a life-limiting illness, their families and carers, to attain the highest possible quality of life by providing a choice of specialist care and support'. 

The team says people are at the heart of their ethos and it is has many patrons and volunteers who support their cause.

The hospice ensures a high quality of care for its residents, and aims to assist them and their family every step of the way. 

On Google Reviews, it is described to be “a nice atmosphere” with the nurses and volunteers said to be “caring, friendly and sensitive.”

Throughout the year, the hospice holds many events to engage with the community, support those experiencing grief and to raise money to continue their vital work.

Already this year, they’ve held a ‘mad hair day’ to encourage school children to participate and subsequently bring in a small donation.

Participating in local charity events is a vital way in which individuals can interact with their community, and St Michael's Hospice offers many events. Of course these events would not be possible without a team of willing volunteers who graciously give up their time to assist these events.

Many of their events are focussed around getting outside and moving, and raising money as you do it. For example, it held a ‘Get moving in March’ challenge.

A favourite event by many who participate is the ‘Farleigh Wallop Walk’ on Sunday, April 28. It offers a five or 10 mile walk with refreshments at the end. The walk allows participants to go through many other beautiful terrains. For those more sporty, on Friday, September 13 there is a golf day.

Though not everyone is active, the Hospice offers many ‘at home’ events, one of them being the ‘Summer Memories’ event (previously known as the ‘Sunflower Fete’). It allows those who have been through grief to be supported and remember their lost ones - there are also stalls for things like the raffle and tombola.

The event this year is on July 14 and the hospice hopes to welcome the community.

Another way of supporting the hospice is to visit or donate to its many charity shops in and around Basingstoke.

The money goes toward the care in the hospice, alongside support groups for families. Small donations always help out. If you are looking for resources, ways to support the Hospice or a way to contact them - visit their website.