The current discussions about relocating Winchester's hospital services to a field near Dummer do not take into account the immense difficulty patients will have accessing them. 

Winchester is a transport hub for trains and buses. Routes converge on it from Alresford, Sutton Scotney, The Worthies, Eastleigh, Stockbridge, Broughton and even Romsey. 

Not one of these services has a destination in Dummer and many Winchester residents can currently walk to their hospital or hire a taxi. 

Hospital parking is expensive, so money and Co2 emissions can be saved by retaining a centrally located hospital which can be accessed by public transport. The proposals as they stand will encourage patients to drive, ignoring those who do not drive or have no car. How would splitting maternity services between a midwife unit at Winchester and consultant obstetrician services are Dummer cope with emergency caesarian sections, or even planned ones? Florence Portal House offers many wonderful services for women, including gynaecology and the breast unit. One can only imagine the horror of trying to get to Dummer heavily pregnant with toddler or two in tow to be assessed for a procedure by a consultant.  

Curtailing A&E will save money as 24 hour radiology and anaesthetics can be stood down, but it will be the thin end of the wedge. Once this expertise reduces the viability of the hospital dwindles.

What a brilliant site for first time millionaire apartments the RHCH site will make and what a lovely view.

Sally Penton
Downlands Way,
South Wonston

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