A HAMPSHIRE actor has labelled a Southern Water Lego project as embarrassing, despite more than 8,000 people supporting the idea.

Southern Water is nearing its target of 10,000 votes for its 'Sewer Heroes – Fighting the Fatberg’ project, which could hit toy shop shelves soon if approved by Lego.

However, actor James Murray, who founded Activist Anglers, has branded the move as “embarrassing on all levels”, in a response to a photo of the Lego design on X/Twitter.

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Hampshire Chronicle: James Murray (centre left) with Fish LegalJames Murray (centre left) with Fish Legal (Image: Fish Legal)

Mr Murray, who is best known for his roles in programmes such as The Crown and Masters of the Air, has been busy campaigning to keep rivers clean. Most recently, the actor, who lives near Alresford, supported Fish Legal in accusing Southern Water of polluting the River Test at Southampton Magistrates Court.

Southern Water’s Lego creation shows a business's sewer fatberg and was first uploaded to the Lego ideas online portal in June by the company’s Network Protection and Enforcement Team.

If it reaches 10,000 votes it will be reviewed by Lego’s master builders and potentially become a commercial set.

Stephen Williams, network protection enforcement manager at Southern Water, said: “As a lover of Lego myself, I saw a similar Lego model online and approached the designer and went from there.

"The model, if it goes live, will be a fantastic education tool for use in schools to help children understand the importance of disposing of fat, oil, grease and other unflushable items, in the right way and for demonstrable use at meetings, conferences, and outreach workshops.”

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Southern Water became the first company to employ a dedicated network protection team to stop fat, oils and greases, which are responsible for millions of pounds' damage, from getting into the sewers.

The team consists of five former police officers, and they investigate pipe blockages, sometimes using cameras in the network. The team have helped reduce the number of blockages by finding repeat offenders.

To see Southern Water’s Lego project go to ideas.lego.com/projects/e6d994cf-76c9-4275-86c0-19cbcb90db73.