Rachel Masker in her letter (Chronicle, February 29) has reminded those of us living in Winchester at the time of Flick Drummond's expulsion from the city council for failing to attend any meeting in six months after she had moved to the USA but had failed to resign as a councillor.

I have also heard of a rumour that Flick was rejected by local party members when Winchester Conservative Association sought a parliamentary candidate in 2007 - I can confirm that rumour is correct as I was at that selection meeting.

However, there is no disgrace in that as I recall there was a slate of good candidates for what was seen as a very winnable seat.

This time there was no general meeting of party members as under Conservative Party rules Flick had the right as the sitting MP for part of the new constituency to become the candidate once Steve Brine had decided to stand down.

However, had there been a full selection meeting, and had she made clear to party members that she supported the downgrading of the A&E unit at RHCH, I am doubtful whether she would have been selected.

Andrew Beadle,

Northbrook Avenue,


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