Winchester is a place with a rich history, from Alfred the Great and his Round Table to connections with one of the most influential female authors, Jane Austen.

However, there is even more hidden in the city's most well-regarded private school, Winchester College.

Over many years it has acquired pieces of history, a favourite being a 19th-century cast of the Parthenon frieze along with works from the Tang Dynasty and much more.

Since 2016, this has all been on display to the public in its Treasury, which is open Monday to Friday from 2pm until 4pm. 

The Treasury frequently holds exhibitions, with the current two being “Italian Medals 1440-1470s” and “War Cloister; a Centenary Exhibition”.

So, as a Classics student, I thought I would go and see the miniature museum myself and get some further opinions from Peter Symonds' head of Classics, Graham Gardener. 

Its collection is beautiful and contains impressive pieces from all over the world, ranging from famous casts and copies to pottery from early Chinese dynasties and a piece of ancient Egyptian jewellery.

What particularly attracted me the most were the things from ancient Greece, such as the amazing copy of The Delphic Charioteer, along with a copy of the north frieze from the Parthenon. There is a range of original red figure and black figure pots, from the 6-5th century BC, which Mr Gardener recommends to his A-Level Classics students so “they can get a better feel for ancient pottery” and have some “external sources to use for comparisons”.

Overall, the Winchester College Treasury is a wonderful hidden gem for ancient history, modern history or those just looking for an interesting afternoon out. 

  • This article was written by Amelie Moss, from Peter Symonds College, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporter scheme.