TWO young jazz musicians treated a Hampshire village crowd to a sold-out show, 10 years after they last performed there. 

Jaz Moss, 27, and Cody Moss, 22, played at Awbridge Village Hall on Saturday, February 17. 

This comes ten years after they last performed there, raising funds for the Awbridge church building fund.

Since then, both have gone on to pursue music as a career. 

The brothers' grandfather Fred Tucker, 77, of Romsey Road, Awbridge, said: “Jaz obtained a full scholarship to the Percell School of music in London for two years and then progress to Trinity University to study performance jazz. 

“Cody also obtained a full scholarship to Purcell School School of music at 13 and spent five years honing his ability to play not only trumpet but also the piano and in his final year was head boy representing the school in various parts of Europe. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Jazz concert at Awbridge Village Hall

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“His chosen university was the Guildhall School of Music where he spent four years often doing many gigs around the London area he graduated last year with a first in performance jazz.

“Both brothers have deepened their knowledge of jazz and the performance of by regularly playing at Ronnie Scott's and other well-known jazz venues in the London area. 

“Jaz started work in the industry with local performances in the London area and then spent some time working the cruise ships around the world. This came to an abrupt end when Covid struck and he was left looking to fill a gap in his working life like many musicians of that time.

“He saw a gap in the market and set up Bass Master as he had been playing the bass guitar professionally for some time this has been a bonus for him as it all teaching is done online and he has students scattered throughout the world. 

“Now that Covid and the restrictions are finished he is back playing across England often venturing into Europe.

“Cody has continued with gigs at Ronnie Scott's and many venues including playing at the London Palladium and shortly to go onto for six weeks in the early autumn.”

On the night, the brothers were joined by a singer and a drummer. 

Mr Tucker said: “We were very fortunate to get them to come and play for us in what is a very busy schedule for them at the moment. The evening was a tremendous success with many glowing comments and tributes to them for the quality and skill that they showed in their performance our venue sold out within four days and we hope to have a return visit from them in the not too distant future.”