Matthew Jensen and the FraiserLine team are currently assisting the planning matters for the future of the Boomtown event (2025 onwards), and Mya Kupfuwa has been helping them with supporting the event and planning strategy with her journalist skills. 

BOOMTOWN is an annual music festival held in the stunning setting of South Downs National Park, an event I had the pleasure of attending in 2022. 

However, despite its undeniable popularity and positive impact, Boomtown has faced objections from local groups calling for the relocation of the festival. 

In this article, I aim to not only voice my support for the continuation of Boomtown as a resident of Winchester, but also shed light on the invaluable contributions it makes to the local community.

Boomtown has earned its reputation as a standout event, primarily due to its commitment to artistic expression and musical diversity. I vividly recall basking in the sun while listening to the captivating performance of Damian Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, followed by an exhilarating drum and bass set that kept me dancing into the night. Such diverse musical line-ups exemplify Boomtown's dedication to nurturing a wide range of artists and catering to the eclectic tastes of festival-goers.

Hampshire Chronicle: Boomtown

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Yet, it's not just the musical offerings that make Boomtown unique; it's the entire immersive experience highlighted in the incredible architecture. Setting up a miniature city, Boomtown allows festival goers to step from magical forests complete with rooftop bars to industrial-like districts in a matter of minutes. In addition, the architecture is not just visually captivating but tells a story within itself, each district provides a different vision complete with characters and allows the audience to envelop themselves within the story through various hidden clues.

Moreover, what makes Boomtown so special is its devotion to sustainability. It's no exaggeration that now more than ever, sustainability and environmental consciousness is at the forefront of many of our minds and Boomtown is no exception. This commitment is evident in their use of real-life ‘Eco-Warriors’ on site, who actively encourage festival goers to keep campsites clean through incentives such as competitions and merchandise. Boomtown's pledge articulates their commitment to avoiding fossil fuels and embracing sustainable alternatives, as well as their efforts to reuse old materials and make recycling easy through on-site sorting.

In conclusion, Boomtown is a beacon of artistic expression, musical diversity and environmental stewardship. Its continued presence in the South Downs National Park not only enriches the cultural landscape of Winchester but also serves as a model for sustainable event management.

As a passionate advocate for both the arts and environmental conservation, I support the ongoing success and growth of Boomtown.

By Mya Kupfuwa